What My 3-Year-Old Thinks About Christmas

Well we’re one week out and things are getting tense. The excitement, the stress, the wonder, the confusion. It’s all compiled into one heck of a preparation week. Me? I’m just happy there’s wine. But amid all the chaos right now I’m still really loving that Lila truly understands what’s happening this year…Or does she? This morning at breakfast I asked her a few questions about Christmas and it turned into quite the conversation. So I’m sharing that mind-boggling moment with you now. Here’s what my 3-year-old thinks about Christmas. Go ahead, try to set her straight, if getting the pig eye from a preschooler is totally your thing.

“Lila, How old is Santa?”

Old. Like Mom!

“Funny girl. What should we make Santa for a snack?”

Cookies with crackers.

“How does this song go: All I want for Christmas is my….”

Two fur teeth.

“Very good. So where does Santa live?”

At the mall!

“He doesn’t…okay. What is Luke getting for Christmas?”

A cowboy. But not if he keeps throwing his cereal like that.

“What should we eat on Christmas?”

Bread and chicken and mac and cheese.

“Okay carb queen. Should Mommy kiss Santa Claus?”

Yes! Is he at the mall?

“I think he’s getting ready to fly around the world.”

That’s so crazy!

“Who makes the toys that Santa delivers?”


“The toys that Santa brings. Who makes them?”

The mall.

“Never mind. What kind of snow do you eat?”

NOT the yellow! Only white.

“How does Santa Claus get in our house?”

Umm. It’s pretty much magic and the window.

“How many ornaments do you think are on our tree?”

Umm. Sixteen?

“Why do you think sixteen?”

Well there were probly more but Luke breaks them.

“Did he break one?”

Yeah. He breaks EVERYthing.

“Well he’s being good now so maybe Santa will bring him his toy.”

[To Luke:] You better not push, you better not cry, you better not push I’m telling you why..

“Okay sis. How many days until Christmas?”

Six! After gymnastics class though.

“What do you mean?”

Santa comes after gymnastics class. He’s going to watch me first.

“Well that’s nice of him. But you have to go to bed six more times before Santa gets here.”

Ok. I’m ready for bed.

“You just woke up. It’s time to get ready for gymnastics class.”

And then Santa comes?!

“Eat your breakfast.”


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