30 Day Workout Challenge: 15 Minutes a Day

I’m inspired by my clients to do this workout challenge this time around – it seems we work hard to get to a summer weight/physique and then we blow it by September. And since so many of you are parents who, like me, are ready for your structured routine again, let’s throw in a little accountability this time around.

Enter: 30 Day Challenge!

15 Minute Workout Challenge(3)

I ran this one back in January when everyone’s resolutions were mighty. I purposefully set the exercise time at a reasonable amount because of seeing far too many people dive in with long, excruciating workouts in the attempt to drop pounds fast, only to find themselves toast after a month. For me, 15 minutes is a doable amount that I can tell my brain and body to commit to. What often happens is I find myself working out longer than the 15 minutes.

So, move it! Start today, tell yourself you’ll do 15 minutes of exercise, ANY exercise, a day. Check in daily here or on my Facebook page, where I’ll be checking in daily as well with my workouts.

Yesterday I started (unofficially, since I’m pronouncing today as Day One) with a 15 minute bodyweight cardio routine – everything was 1 minute, no rest between exercises. Between picking our backyard grapes, mowing the lawn, cleaning the house (yes, really!), giving my clients a workout in the morning, making more laundry detergent (yes, I’m that woman), and chasing after my children, I was only up for 15 minutes and I don’t think I could have fit in more anyway.

Among the things I did were jumping jacks, high knees, plank, supermans, skater hops, squat jumps, cherry pickers, side planks, double crunches, and hallway sprints (always a hit with the kiddos).

Today is manic, I don’t even know where to start. But I’ll be getting my 15 minutes in somewhere. Here we go!

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