5K Recap According to a 3-Year-Old

Today I’m letting Lila take over the blog. I figure I could give you a recap of last weekend’s FitOne 5K but as this was my 14th year participating in it (13 of those years have been consecutive alongside the women in my family – yay tradition!), I want to give you a look at it from a fresh perspective. While I did walk while holding Lila on my chest in a baby carrier when she was two months old, this year was her first year of hands-on participation and thus, she had her own opinions on it. Brace yourself for the pinkness…

Saturday morning, 7:50 am – At home

Mom says to wake up but I’m tired. Sweep. I want to sweeeeep! She says there’s a race and she is happy and aren’t I excited and we need to get out of bed and go. But I say no race! Sweep time!

Then she doesn’t sound happy anymore and asks me if I want to stay home with Daddy and Luke.

I’m out of bed and so escited for the race!!

She helps me get dressed and put on my blue Daisy socks and red Minnie shoes. She wants me to wear a special shirt for the race but I don’t want to. It’s not pretty. She puts it on me and I think it’s too big maybe because she takes it off and I get to wear my pink Minnie shirt. She tells me I have to eat something like every morning. She must really like breakfast since we have to eat it evy day. I’m not hungry because I’m busy showing my daddy my pretty pants with the pink stripeys but I make her think I’m eating some peanut butter on a spoon. She puts on me my favorite pink jacket and Luke is waking up. No Luke, just me and mommy. You stay with Dad and stop whining. We get in the car which is my favorite because we sing songs and Mommy doesn’t know what color things are so she asks me to tell her. So I do over and over while singing loudly because it’s my favorite.

8:30 am – In a parking lot

My mom says we are meeting evyone. Like Grandma? She tells me yes Grandma and lots of other girls I like. We get out of the car to wait and she puts something on my shirt with numbers. One number is 3 like me! I like this race right now. Evybody gets there and we start walking a lot. Is this more of the race? I get to hold hands with my cousins and they swing me and it’s my favorite. There are lots of buildings and people and it’s loud. We walk by the market my mom and dad go to with wine and I ask if Daddy is at the market but Mommy says no he isn’t because he is up to his ears in grapes. I don’t think I would like to have grapes up to my ears.


8:50 am – Waiting at the start line

There’s music and it’s loud and it makes me tired. Peoples are dancing but I don’t want to dance because I want to sweep. Some lady is shouting into a black stick thing and peoples must like her because they clap a lot. Evybody holds me and we take pictures. I’m not sure why we’re taking pictures because it’s sweepy time. Planes fly in the sky but when I show Mommy she tells me it’s a helicopner. It looks like a plane to me. Maybe Mommy doesn’t know planes like she doesn’t know colors. The sun is so bwright, can I sweep now? Evybody are really happy in the morning and other girls are wearing tutus but they don’t look like they’re in dance class like me. There are lots of balloons in the sky floating by themself and I bet some peoples are sad the balloons got away. Is the race where we run after balloons?


9:20 am – Race start

My cousin holds me and we walk again with music and peoples clapping and smiling. Is this still the race? I don’t know all the peoples but Mommy tells me I have to walk. No way! I think I’ll just keep on letting peoples hold me. There are old girls wearing funny socks. They’re too big to wear funny socks! I think I want my mom to hold me now. We are walking on the road where the cars go! I hope we don’t get squished.

10 am – Over half-way done

We have walked a lot! Not me though. Mommy tells me I’m making her sweaty and I get someone else to hold me that I like. I guess they want me to walk more but there’s a lot of peoples and I might get runned over I think. Some peoples are running too and one bigger girl looks like she is sick. If running makes me look like that I don’t think I will do it. Most the bigger girls talk and laugh and cheerleader girls give me high five. Is there dance class here like at school? My mom says we should run down the hill because we are almost done. She has crazy ideas like running without my stroller. Grandma isn’t running so I think I will not run too.

10:15 am – Race finish line

We must be at the end now because we get to walk through a bunch of balloons and peoples are happy and there is a big park! My favorite! Nobody is running now but evyone is still sweaty. There must be a good thing to being sweaty since my mom is always sweaty and so are these peoples and they seem happy. I need to go potty. Mommy and Grandma take me but we have to get in a big line with more sweaty girls and I have to go potty so bad. Mommy tells me not to touch anything in the potty because it’s gross. The toilet water is blue and there’s no flushy thing like at home. I try to open the door to get out after I pee but I guess my mom doesn’t like that because she is going potty now. She says the whole world doesn’t need to see her bare bum and I don’t know really how the whole world would see it because that’s a lot of peoples and they’re not all at this park right now.

10:30 am – Snack line

They have chocolate milk!!!!!! This is the best race EVER! And circle bread! They have circle bread! AND APPLES! So many favorite things! I like this race. I give my mom my cheese stick and she lets me drink the chocolate milk right there while sitting on the grass with evyone. I better drink it too because I don’t know whens I will see it again. I’m very very happy and now I’m ready to walk by myself. Mom thanks me for showing up at the end of the race. I was here the whole time, she’s so silly! You’re welcome, Mommy.

11:00 am – Walking back to car

We are walking AGAIN! This time I get to walk all by myself with evybody and there aren’t so many peoples now. Just our peoples. I like this more better. We parked the car a long time away I guess. We have to cross the road at the light but I don’t want to hold anybody’s hand. Mommy tells me she doesn’t care and makes me hold her hand anyway. I think it’s good I held her hand though because in the car home we get to sing more songs very loudly and I have to tell mom how many numbers there are because she doesn’t know. Someday maybe she will remember her colors and planes and numbers. I tell Mommy guess what! And she says what and I say I like this race! Maybe we do it again tomarra!

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