The Family Behind the Blog

Meet Von: Instrument Technician by day, winemaker by evenings and weekends, dad and husband around the clock. He makes switching from breadwinner to Mr. Mom look easy. He’s one of those people who can do pretty much anything and make it look good. I find it both endearing and annoying. ;)

Meet Lila (aka: Lila Bean, The Beast, and L.P.): The girl has some serious opinions on her wardrobe and is a wonderfully baffling mix of sweet, sassy, girly and rough-houser. 3 years old going on 30, her nightly rituals consist of watching her DVD player and eating dark chocolate chips after a hot bath.

Meet Luke (aka: Lukey and Buke): This guy only shows pain if he thinks his sister will get in trouble for inflicting it. It’s a good thing he’s sweet or his mom wouldn’t have made it through a whole year of waking up to feed him every 2 hours (he’s obviously starving, can’t you tell?). He can often be found eating, jumping off things, or playing his dad’s guitar.

Meet Kyle (aka: Pudge):  My most favorite step-son. He’s currently serving in the United States Navy, stationed in Norfolk, VA. I’m one proud and lucky step-monster. He’s a solid kid (no Kyle, that’s not a fat joke) and I’ve adored him since the day we met.

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