Deck of Cards Workout

I have learned a great many things since you and I last got together here. The highlights off that list:

  1. When in Vegas, I’m no longer part of the “Let’s party like it’s 1999” population (R.I.P. Prince). Rather, I’m officially in the population lovingly known as “I’m here for work so don’t call after 9:30 or you’ll interfere with Pajamas-in-Bed-While-Drinking-Wine-in-a-Hotel-Cup-and-Watching-The-Wahlburgers time.”
  2. Don’t ever say out loud that you can’t imagine life moving any faster or your schedule getting any busier. I mean, unless you hate yourself and love jinxed karma. We’re all a bunch of masochists!
  3. ……read the rest HERE at Potter Wines Garden City Winery website!

2 thoughts on “Deck of Cards Workout”

  1. What a cute and funny post Crystal. And I am so going to do that deck of cards workout! I’ll see you tomorrow for Luke’s photo session and will contact you this afternoon to tell you which bridge to meet at. See you then. Mary

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