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The Tuesday Tank: Thursday Edition

It’s been a while. The Tuesday Tank is among my favorite post types to write yet somehow four months have gone by since the last installment. And here I am, two sleeps past Tuesday. Unforgivable. The upside: I have lots to distract you away from my lameness with.

I’m feeling a tad unfocused lately, how about you? I’m hearing talk of pumpkin-everything and I’m still over here racking my brain over what I’m going to do with all these $#@! tomatoes. Don’t RUSH me! I froze my butt off working the farmers’ market last Saturday and on Sunday the kids and I lathered up with sunscreen and waded in the river. Mother Nature is about as decisive as a 2-year-old. But in general, the mornings are cool and the days are warm – it’s the best of times. I’ve almost stopped white wine consumption completely, yet I’m a bit unsettled with everyone cheering for snow. Let’s live in the moment, can we please? Stop talking about winterizing our gardens and keep drinking margaritas for another month. Then we’ll re-evaluate. Deal? And don’t even mention Christmas to me. I’m just not that kind of girl.

Now that we’ve settled that drama, let’s see what the world has to say according to 10 links of web stuff. Some of my latest faves, to be exact. Here’s what’s trending according to my preoccupied brain.

The Tuesday Tank

~Some of these are actual fears of mine. Others are just nonsensical. Things That Will Happen If I Don’t Take My Phone Out Right Now. I mean, how will I remember my to-do list if I don’t text it to myself?

~Dear 32-year-old, Don’t waste calories on sub-par wine. Love, You + One Year. Watch How to Age Gracefully and get more real-deal advice (I’m kind of in agreement with the girl with the hashtag vendetta).

~Stitchfix is my Plan B, which often becomes my Plan A because Plan A would require me to shop on my own. I would rather do 1000 lunges. Sick, I know. And apparently I’m not alone. Read: Is Stitchfix Worth It? Then head on over to my referral link to try it!

~Ever wonder why your own 6 ounce pour doesn’t look like the bartender’s? Turns out it’s just you and your flawed wine conspiracy theories again. Wine by the Glass: Do Women Get Less? The answer might surprise you.

Photo credit: Sophisticatedignorance.net
Photo credit: Sophisticatedignorance.net

~I want to be informed but I also don’t want to hate the world upon waking. Can we skip that part of the morning newscast? Why yes, yes we can. Skimm it and you shall come away with hope still intact. Because laughter is important always. Even when everyone is freaking nuts and viral cat videos are making headlines everywhere.

~Soooo this looks like a serious new addiction waiting to happen. And soreness. Lots and lots of soreness. If you’re into that sort of thing. A client of mine highly recommends these Booya workouts and I happen to know she has good taste in workouts.

~I’m going to add an 11th tip to this list on my husband’s behalf: Strap bottle rockets to the back of the kids’ bikes. Reference: 10 ways to make driveway bike riding more fun for kids. I swear I’m going to try one of these with the kiddos before summer ends. Particularly #7 because it may be the only way our car and the dog gets washed.

~I don’t have anything intellectual to say about this – but you should watch it anyway. Particularly if you think beer is God’s gift to mankind. Laugh: Watch Australians Try American Alcohol Like Four Loko and Bud Light.

~From time to time I want to go on a tirade of all that is wrong in the fitness industry but I’ll let this woman do it for me. From meal plans to MLMs to the latest and greatest energy drinks to supplements; Nothing will work better than eating whole foods and exercising. And I’m the crazy person!

~Do not keep reading if you are in the waiting room at the doctor’s office/about to pick your kids up from school/at your office computer/doing anything anywhere where someone might witness what’s about to go down. When I’m Gone will get you. Do what my step son does and pretend there’s a dust storm in front of your face.

Now you know. Go do!

The Tuesday Tank

Two things have happened this week that I’m grateful for: I can taste and smell food again, and the sun came out to play. After a week of gray, murky skies and feeling like Death Becomes Her, these things feel like huge victories in the never-ending game of winter.

Since I haven’t really been all that productive (unless you count trips to the grocery store for more soup and tissue a productive win), I thought I’d write another installment of The Tuesday Tank for this week’s blog post. If there’s one thing you can accomplish when sick, it’s reading about all the things you wish you were doing, should be doing, already did or plan to do. Here are all those things I feel noteworthy enough to make the cut.

Today’s Tank:

~Who is handling flu season?

So whether you got a flu shot or not this season, it doesn’t matter. We are all screwed. I feel like I can certifiably say that after coming out of the flu inferno alive. Check out CDC: Vaccine Can’t Handle This ‘Severe’ Flu Season.

~Maybe I can be trained to be a better housekeeper. Maybe.

You may or may not have read my post from last fall regarding my vow to keep a cleaner house. I haven’t forgotten about it and the other day I loaded up my dollar store shopping cart with $50 worth of storage bins and other random things I’m intending to organize my house with. So far I’ve completed one bathroom and I feel like a new woman. The kind of woman who just lied to you. But really, I do feel a small percentage of my hysteria has been silenced. This is where my bathroom-organization inspiration came from.

~My one minute of talk radio fame!

Back in early October I was briefly interviewed by Northwest Wine Night Radio for one of their segments called Pour of the Week. In each Pour of the Week, they interview a Northwest winery for 60 seconds, enough time to allow us to announce which wines we’re currently pouring and where to find us. It was such a rushed conversation that I forgot to ask when it would air. After going back and scanning through every episode since October, I’m happy to say I found our spiel! Check it out here and hop to minute 12:20!


~Only love. Only love.

I’m so guilty of over-reacting, especially in the rush of the morning routine, during dinner prep and in the car when everyone’s downright freaking out. This article by Hands Free Mom is so perfect. I never make resolutions, but this year I am definitely going to try to work on the three second rule. Not the one you might be thinking.

Photo Credit: Jameswoodward.wordpress.com
Photo Credit: Jameswoodward.wordpress.com

~Stitchfix is my hero.

I’m not going to cover this up with the Girl Card: I really hate to shop. It’s not that I don’t like new clothes, I do. I just really don’t have the patience to figure fashion out and how things should look on me. So I’ve raved about Stitchfix before and I’m still standing by it. Without it, I would be wearing maternity clothes with breast milk stains on them to dinner parties. So for those of you who do care but are fashion-challenged and you either already subscribe to Stitchfix or are thinking about it, read Crazy Together’s post on how to get the best fix every time. And if you’d like to try this embarrassment-saving service, I’d love it if you’d use my referral link!

~You Skinny @#$%!

We’ve all heard of fat shaming and how it’s a real thing. Interestingly enough, in the wake of our awareness over the issue a new phenomenon seems to be taking place: fit shaming. You know, how someone utters “It must be nice to have the time to exercise as much as she does” under their breath when they see a fit mom of three. Or, “My children are a priority, not the gym.”  Not that it’s ever happened to me, but I have definitely witnessed it – mostly among other moms. “How Fit Shaming is the New Fat Shaming” is a read that piqued my interest. I mean, what do we care how other people spend their time? They look great, move on. I have to wonder, what is it in ourselves that makes us want to judge others? Stay calm and get your sweat on!


*This installment of The Tuesday Tank is brought to you by a very sober, wine-deprived woman. Day 9 of no wine…the cork gets POPPED tonight!