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The Tuesday Tank

“I don’t know where I’m going. I don’t know where I’ve been.”

Pretty much, and I’m completely sober.

Oh, summer. You and your childish dreams of sitting in the sun all day, your optimistic adventures and restful face looking at me like I’m a traitor. “Spend more time with me,” you say. Truth is, you’re not loyal enough for me. You come in like a knight on a wine truck and captivate me with stories of your past. Then you’re gone, gone, gone. And I’m left here disinfecting the kiddie pool and questioning why I ever thought you’d stick around in the first place.

Am I right or am I right? Here we go, August. Here we go, kindergarten. Here we go, carnies at the state fair. Here we go, jalapeno pepper harvest and the procuring of grape blocks in the vineyards. Cheers to this month and all the transition in our veins. I’m back on the blog and celebrating with an installment of “The Tuesday Tank!”

Today’s Tank:

~We don’t need more time, we need a damn compound.

The kids are at grandma’s house this week. I have four days to get “everything” done I need to get done. BALONEY! I will not get it all done. My winemaker and I will probably not get to go to a movie or see friends we rarely see. Why? Because this: You Don’t Need More Free Time.

So, parents, let us stop feeding ourselves the lie that we’d get more done/see our friends/family more if we weren’t parents. And non-parents, you’re totally guilty of your equivalent lies. There’s a reason compounds exist and perhaps those people have it all figured out. Or perhaps we should just keep the wine rack stocked and continue on…

~’Tis the season for youth sports and Red 40 food coloring!

I’m all about all things in moderation. I’m also all about maybe not having to hear “Mom I pooped green!” If you have a child in sports you may be interested in making your own hydration solution. If so, read how to make Homemade Gatorade Concentrate. Or maybe you love green poop, hell if I know. Who am I to give a child limits?

Photo Credit: homeremedyshop.com
Photo Credit: homeremedyshop.com

~Hello, my name is Crystal and I put snail mucus on my face.

Korean skin care is kind of a thing and it’s kind of addicting. As someone who isn’t exactly old and isn’t exactly 20-something (unless ACDC comes on….ohhhh watch OUT world!), I’m definitely into skin care these days and probably for the rest of the days. I’m also into knowing what’s in the stuff that goes on my face. Enter: Here’s How to Find ‘Safe’ and ‘Natural’ Korean Beauty Products.

Psst: Secure yourself a sheet mask and wear it like you just don’t care.

~Someone stole my book idea. No really.

I’ve always wanted to write a book about the different paths our lives could take if we made just one decision differently. The genius Laura Barnett beat me to it, rats! Guess that’s what happens when you don’t actually ever write a book. The Versions of Us is currently open on my Kindle and I’m digging the three different versions of this story. Now…I wonder what turn my life would have taken if my winemaker hadn’t fixed my wine bottle opener when we were just beginning to date…

PhotoCredit: geekgetsglam.uk.co
PhotoCredit: geekgetsglam.uk.co

~I hate shopping. Please somebody, give me the highlights.

Say what you want about Trader Joe’s, there are some sweet finds there. Every three months or so I stock up on a few frozen items just to have on-hand for those crazy evenings when you have no time to prep a meal but you also have no desire to eat out. This list of 10 Things I Buy from Trader Joe’s for No-Cook Dinners was supposed to find you and me. See also my favorite quick-cooking steel cut oats from Trader Joe’s, listed in a previous “Tuesday Tank” installment here.

~I know you probably know how to cook your fruits and vegetables but Yours Truly just did this in the oven for the first time and you’re gonna hear about it.

Photo Credit: Onceuponasmallbostonkitchen.blogspot
Photo Credit: Onceuponasmallbostonkitchen.blogspot

Roasted tomatoes should be a food group. Typically we grill tomatoes in the summer or eat them raw (or on cucumber/tomato sandwiches) but I wanted that quasi-crispy, slightly-sweet taste you can only get from a roasted tomato. Turns out all I needed was to squeeze some serious seeds to get it. This recipe is perfection, even on a Monday night. Especially on a Monday night.

Thanks for playing with me, happy Tuesday-trudging!

The Tuesday Tank

I’m trying to steer clear of depressing news these days and simply focus on the entertaining, informative, educational, inspiring and humorous bits that are out there. I mean, there are so many out there. And as busy as our lives get, sometimes it’s nice to just take 5 minutes and get perspective. That’s why today’s post is a “Tuesday Tank” post!

Here are a few things I’ve recently enjoyed around the web, from the too-silly to the must-have to the “hmm.”

Today’s Tank:

~What the bleep’s so bad about gluten?

So I eat gluten most of the time and some of the time I don’t. So why should we all care if we don’t have celiac disease? How much do you think you know about the stuff? I guarantee you’ll know more after reading this article.

“We put a plug of gluten in Coke and it foamed for a while, then became a glob that sat there for weeks,’’ Jones said. “It didn’t disintegrate into slime and mush. It just stayed there.’’ He took the plug out of my hands and slapped it on the lab counter. Nothing happened. “The stuff is simply indestructible,’’ he said. – Stephen Jones, a molecular cytogeneticist and the lab’s director. Barber, in his recent book “The Third Plate,”

Yikes! If Coke can’t touch it, what’s our stomach doing with it? Too crazy.

P.S. Don’t go overboard and jump on the gluten-free train all at once – gluten-free doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy!

~ Oh man, I think I just peed a little!

I know, I know, this is so dumb. But I couldn’t quit reading and giggling. Quite annoying, I’m sure, to my husband who was trying to relax for a second on the couch. But come on, laugh a little with The 85 Funniest Tweets of All Time. Seriously, your happy meter needs fed.

~ Fabletics

I’m a Birchbox lover and Stitchfix newbie. So what’s with the Fabletics fever? One: Kate Hudson. Whatever she does works, sooooo, maybe I should follow suit? Two: $25 for your first workout outfit, sports bra included. My birthday’s coming up…


~ Stop Freaking Out About Your Kids!

I can’t decide if this woman is on to something or just drunk. I think a little bit of both? But her point is a good one. Listen to this quick bit (scroll to minute 14:20 in the podcast) where Daisy Waugh, author of “The Kids Will Be Fine” explains how existing opinions about child-rearing are “setting parents up to feel like failures.”  So is this a good time to convince parents that our kids won’t starve? Seriously, it’s ok to be hangry sometimes. Their bodies will not eat themselves.

~ Hey, calorie counters! This one’s for you and it’s actually kinda cool.

I loathe counting calories but I know some of my clients just can’t stop. Whichever camp you roast your marshmallows in, this smoothie calorie chart is actually pretty dang slick! So the spinach-pear-banana-greek-yogurt smoothie I made this morning had about 369 calories in it. Neato!

~ Mulled jalapeno wine. Yeah it’s kind of a thing around here.

I think I missed my calling as a bartender. Too bad places around here aren’t crying out for a 30-something mom of two who lives in exercise clothes. If they tried this mulled jalapeno wine recipe I just created with, yep you guess it – our Mild Jalapeno Wine – they might re-think their star mixologist. See this post for the recipe!

Mulled Wine
Photo credit: erecipe.com

~ Homemade gift ideas – I need ’em!

Every year I make my clients something. I mean, something that hopefully isn’t crap. Last year it was homemade vanilla extract. The year before that it was sugared cranberries (so good!), this year I’ve got nuthin’. HELP! I don’t think they’ll appreciate a baggie full of Ibuprofen and a flat of bottled water. I’m a real-world personal trainer but I’m not a jerk.

Thanks for scrolling!

The Tuesday Tank

It’s reflection time. I’m taking a moment to soak in all the little details that have shown their faces among the big happenings around here the last few weeks. All work and no play would be boring and obnoxious, after all. Times like these are when I’m grateful to my kids because they remind me to step away and get some play time in. Mostly they remind me by tearing the house apart and then drawing all over it. That’s when we go outside, breathe in the autumn air, ride bikes and crash nose-first into the concrete.

So here we have the second installment of “The Tuesday Tank.” This is where I share with you small tidbits I’ve either learned, read, cooked, purchased, attempted or simply found worth acknowledgment. You can catch the first installment of “The Tuesday Tank” here.

Read on, curious people.

Today’s Tank:

~It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t start with breakfast.

You like oatmeal? You like eggs? You need 3 Minute Egg-White Oats from pbfingers.com. Possibly the most satisfying way to eat breakfast without overeating. This stuff happens in a microwave with a bigger-than-normal bowl (seriously, you will think I’ve lost my oats when you see how much it expands when cooked). My favorite way to eat this so far is by mixing in almond butter, pure maple syrup and flaxseed. Preferably before (or after) a good run or cardio workout.

Photo from pbfingers.com
Photo from pbfingers.com

~Speaking of breakfast, let’s speak of more breakfast.

I’m a big fan of steel cut oats but very rarely make them because they’re so dang time-consuming. Enter: Trader Joe’s Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats. I finally walked into Boise’s new Trader Joe’s not knowing what to buy and walked out with vino (duh), hummus and this brilliant timesaving container. Now I can enjoy my steel cut oats any day I want in under 10 minutes. Lila prefers to call them “steel cut oh’s.”


~We’re on a roll, so let’s talk bread.

Specifically, oatmeal pumpkin spice bread. Yes, I’m a fan of the pumpkin bandwagon this time of year and yes, I jumped on it with this recipe a couple weeks ago. It makes 2 loaves and my intent was for the hubby to take one to work to share but turns out it was Friday. Whoops. Two loaves of fall-bliss-in-a-bite down this family’s hatch! It was originally a Paula Deen recipe but some nice people at Pop Sugar took the heart attack out of it.

Photo from popsugar.com
Photo from popsugar.com

~Now that you’re stoked about gluten, maybe this will make you feel less guilty about consuming it:

The findings in the study this article talks about are worth considering: “Science Proves Gluten Sensitivity Isn’t Real, People Are Just Whiners.” Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just saying, “hmmm…”

~Drink your wine instead of doing an hour of exercise?

I managed to steer clear of reading this study as it was circulating Facebook but after multiple clients came in the studio doors claiming they could just go drink 8 glasses of wine and call it a week’s worth of exercise, I finally gave it a look: “Is Drinking Wine Better Than Going to the Gym? According to Scientists, Yes!” Well folks, the bad news is they’re talking about ONE glass in this case and they’re also only talking about red wine. Which, from this red wine lover’s point of view, is not a problem. But you’re more likely to see me getting my sweat on so that I can enjoy TWO glasses of the good stuff. Sooo…not really encouraging science to me, but maybe you’ll find a way to justify it.

~Hey parents, bath time just got easier!

I’ve admittedly had a Lush addiction for over a decade now, so when the connoisseurs of homemade bath and beauty products opened up a store nearby I leapt at the chance to go with my favorite females. While I left with a few yummy things, my favorite new find was their FUN line – yummy smelling multi-purpose moldable soap for kids (and adults who like to act like kids). Lila flipped for this stuff and honestly, so did I. Bath time smelled even better and both kids were completely entertained while washing their own hair with this Play-Doh-like stuff. We’ve only tried the Blue Fun bar because the sleep-inducing smells of chamomile and lavender sold me (earlier bedtime for the kids means earlier wine time for mom), but we will definitely be trying them all.

Photo source: dolcevanity.com
Photo source: dolcevanity.com

~So about this parenting thing, how’s it working for our marriages?

“How American Parenting is Killing the American Marriage is worth thinking about. Even if you don’t agree with it I think we can all applaud the author who, when met with criticism about her viewpoint, rebutted by saying “her outlook has had a positive impact on her children by giving them a sense of security in their parents’ relationship.” Read the original essay, “Truly, Madly, Guiltily” in The New York Times, here.

Thanks for scrolling, good people!